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It’s all about the story… YOUR story.

VFX Reel

It’s all about YOUR story – whether you’ve created an epic fantasy feature or a gripping modern-day thriller, visual effects can elevate your story to a whole new level of immersion, or “invisibly” enhance the realism of your scene – delivering a visceral experience for the audience.

Case Studies

Infinite Possibilities

“Infinity System” pilot episode

Extensive scenic matte paintings and futuristic tech FX bring out the action in this epic sci-fi western.

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Reality, Enhanced

“Last Three Days” feature film

Digital set extensions and other “invisible” VFX elevate the stakes in this neo-noir thriller.

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Add a Little Character

“The Zombie King” short film

Monsters walk among us, or use their tentacles, in this supernatural tale celebrating a local legend.

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Turning Back the Clock

“The Chair” short film

Supernatural encounters (and meticulously crafted visual effects) enable a widow to reconnect with her deceased husband.

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Visualizing Success

Product Visualizations

Bezier Games sees MASSIVE presales through 3D Product Visualizations of its upcoming board games.

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Rising to the Challenge

“The Last Champion” feature film

Redburn Street Pictures needed a brand identity, additional prologue shots and additional VFX to complete its inspirational sports film starring Cole Hauser.

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