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“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

It’s Always Been About the Story

“Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain!”

This illuminating phrase was spoken by the Wizard of Oz (in reality, just an illusionist). It perfectly summarizes Some Guy in Anaheim’s philosophy on visual effects for feature films and for the small screen. Rick (as he is called in social circles) firmly believes that while jaw-dropping visuals are indeed a spectacle to behold, they should always serve to immerse the audience in the story being told, ushering them into a visceral experience unlike any other.

Professionally, Rick has chosen to be known as “Some Guy in Anaheim” because it has never been about name recognition – it has always been about the story. The power of a great story, told in grand fashion, is what Rick is after in every project he approaches. He believes the work should speak for itself, and wants your story to shine. Then, when someone asks you, “who did your visual effects?” you’ll be able to say with great pride, “Some Guy in Anaheim!” 

Rick has consistently worked in production, motion graphics, 3D animation and Visual Effects professionally since 1998. Starting from the ground up, he rose through the ranks in a production house environment, as an Editor, Graphic Designer, Art Director, VFX Artist, VFX Supervisor and as Chief of Operations. As a VFX “Generalist” he understands the film and post-production pipelines.

“Steakhouse Quality VFX on a Fast Food Budget”

Beyond his years of experience as a visual effects artist, Rick holds a degree in Business Economics, giving him a strong understanding of the business-side of filmmaking, especially when tackling an ambitious visual effects project. His goal is to find cost-effective approaches to delivering the highest quality VFX possible without breaking the bank, making sure every dollar shows up on screen.

It’s all about the story.


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